Sunday, 11 August 2013


Coming out very soon:

Mustard Coma 2

50 copies only
Oliver Tordoff's art booklet, pictures of skinheads beating people up, aliens sniffing glue, punks beating people up, hand puppet blow jobs/hand jobs.


50 copies only.
Vile violent sexualised comic strips, see SNUD post below.

Coming out in the not so distant future:

'What We Need!'(working title)

Skinhead zine or 'skinzine', possibly the only skinhead fanzine in existence at this moment in time. Featuring interviews with band, close to the bone artwork, lots of union jacks.


Photo zine of the best worst vandalism around leeds.

Oven demo tape with art booklet

Raw black metal/ punk band demo and a5 art booklet

Slasher 6666 issue 11

Offensive comic book featuring various different artists. Comes with compilation cd of various noisey bands from north of England.

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