Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Slasher Issue 11 (the last issue?)

Slowly and painfully,iussue11 of Slasher 6666 is coming together.
Very happy to announce got some new artists involved as well. Hooligan Head will no longer be the lone Londoner involved in the project as creator of the fabulous DEATH META strips Banci Cartoonist has sent me some great strips (praying he's not a Millwall supporter and if he is I'm getting out of here before HH gives me a fucking kicking).  Check out more of Banci's work here

Also great artwork from co-runner of Turgid Animal who just did the cover for the last Bong release

Just found this evocative shot on tumblr...

And skateboard fury filth purveyor Jerry Price!

As well as these new comers the issue will feature work from regulars such as mighty Noah Brown, Mustard Coma picture drawer guy and co-runner of Semtex Death Oliver Tordoff.

Also music from Dethscalator, Sump, Hydrophobia, Legion of Swine, Woes, something off of Perspex Flesh's new EP, to name a few!

Hopefully be out in about a month.

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