Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Slasher 11#


Issue 11# will most likely be the last issue of Slasher to be produced. 
Turns out there is some  french hipster 'photozine' or something with the same name, don't really want Slasher 6666 to be associated with trendy wanker shit like that so its time to terminate the fuck out of it.

In traditional bizarre drug soaked business decision makin style is being released on Xmas day... today.

This is the worst issue yet ie. best issue yet. Rough as fuck, no fads, no trends just scrappy raw art and comics. 

Featuring artwork, comics and violent story telling from 

and also world famous dead monkey artist 

But that is not all, the issue comes with an auditory accompaniment  of


If you know you know.

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